Travel Order Guide


  1. Regular TDY

    • TDY orders should be accomplished via DTS and will cover the duration of the course: 28 July - 9 Aug 2019; all travel expenses are paid using unit funds.No requirement to reserve transportation from JB Andrews to JBSA - Lackland (members only.) 
    • Active duty officers who are joint encumbered please contact AF/A1LG at 703-697-1181.
    • Air National Guard:  Travel costs, lodging and per diem will be covered by the respective funding source related to GO status.  NGB-GOMO will provided additional workdays to M-Day status, including those in Dual-Hat positions. Spouses are invited to attend through an Invitational Travel Order. However, cost of travel (travel and per diem only) for spouses are funded by the GO's state.
    • Please contact your component POC if you have additional questions on TDY orders.
  2. TDY en route to PCS (Active Duty)

    Active duty PCS orders will be completed by AF/A1LG (703-697-1181) and will include your TDY en route. The TDY will be covered by the losing unit’s fund cite and will be provided to AF/A1LG. This is for individuals who will not return to their losing unit once they depart enroute to SLOC.

  3. TDY after PCS

    If you check into your gaining unit prior to attending SLOC, your gaining unit will complete your orders. NOTE: If you are PCSing to the National Capital Region, per the JTR/JFTR you must check into your unit first, and then go TDY to JB Andrews, MD. No exceptions.

  4. Lodging

    Lodging reservations will be made by the SLOC staff at JB Andrews and JBSA-Lackland. You will be required to present your active Government Travel Card upon check-in at base lodging. As a reminder all lodging is unit funded. Everyone is required to stay on base, including locally assigned personnel. Please see the signed overnight lodging approval for NCR residents: 2019 NCR Lodging Memo.

  5. Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE)

    The authorized M&IE rate is $76.00 for JB Andrews and $61.00 for JBSA-Lackland. Government meals are provided on most days and will result in a Proportional Meal Rate of $44. The complete list of meals is provided under the travel information tab - meals provided.

    The Dine Like a Diplomat Event on Tuesday evening exceeds the allowable per diem rate. Please see the following Approval of Actual Expense Allowance (AEA) memo granting authority to claim the actual amount for this dinner: 2019 SLOC AEA Memo.

    Please refer to the following websites for more information on travel orders and allowable per diem:

  6. Miscellaneous

    Special Requirements: Please be sure to include "PERSTEMPO Code D" on orders. Do not include a statement requiring use of government messing facilities and quarters.


Spouses are authorized travel and per diem (meals and incidentals only). The provision above concerning government provided meals applies to spouses as well.

  1. Spouse is not a Federal employee

    Spouses who are not Federal employees are permitted to use Invitational Travel Authority, funded and issued by the member’s organization, in accordance with Joint Travel Regulation Appendix E. This approval is only for the duration of the SLOC program to include standard travel days. 2019 Spouse Travel Order Memo .

  2. Spouse is a Federal employee or active duty military

    Spouses who are Federal employees will be issued travel authorizations by their owning organization using the fund cite provided by the member’s (or primary attendee’s) organization. Federal employees and active duty military spouses in a leave status are not authorized to receive travel or per diem reimbursement.

    Spouses who are government employees must be on TDY or leave status for spouses while attending SLOC.

  3. Lodging

    Lodging costs are claimed by the member and cannot be claimed by the spouse.

  4. Questions or Concerns on Spouse Orders

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding spouse orders please contact your Finance Office.

Further Information

If you have additional questions about your travel orders, please contact your component POC.

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